Training is our product, Qualification is our mission.

Professional qualification offered and conducted by the PrimeServ Academies is a strategic target of our company. We strongly believe that the best satisfaction of our products can be achieved only if the technical personnel of our customers are well trained.
To possess good qualified staff in the disciplines – operation, maintenance and troubleshooting - has bold benefits. On the one hand it influences positively and directly safety, resulting in reduced accidents rates. On the other hand it assures high quality, speedy performance of technical services keeping downtime and non-availability at the lowest possible level. In our Academies the participants are guided through hands-on exercises in these 3 areas on full scale machinery, to include simulators.

We strive to create a ‘real life’ atmosphere so that the participants can relate the learning objectives to one’s working environment. This also includes working on a fully functioning Diesel GenSets. To be as local as possible and to save travelling costs and time of participants we decentralized our training facilities – 13 Academies in 9 countries and 4 continents. In our global setup of PrimeServ Academies we offer tuition both in English, as well as in the local language.

Training is our product – Qualification our mission.

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