Genuine Spare Parts for Compressors

MAN PrimeServ provides you with a reliable supply of all the compressor spare parts you need throughout the entire service life of your turbomachinery. Choosing genuine MAN Energy Solutions spare parts offers many benefits: All spare parts are produced with the same care and quality as the parts of our new compressors. As our customer, you profit from state-of-the-art technology since our spare parts are continuously developed on the basis of our ongoing research. MAN PrimeServ supports you with tailor-made spare parts concepts which are created according to your specific requirements:

  • OEM spare parts and consumables for core engines and ancillary systems
  • Extensive warehousing of spare parts, semi-finished parts and raw parts for short-term spare parts supply
  • Tools and special equipment
  • Back-up modules and engines
  • Spare parts demand analysis and recommendation
  • Customized spare parts storage
  • Reverse engineering of parts

  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Field Service Container
    The MAN PrimeServ field service container is a fully equipped mobile workshop especially designed for general and specific field service activities on turbomachinery. The basic equipment includes comprehensive tool kits containing required tools, rigging equipment for general lifting operations of small components, various machine tools, consumables and safety accessories.
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  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Rotor Storage
    We offer safe and temperature-controlled rotor storages in our PrimeServ Workshop in Oberhausen. We guarantee your rotor to be ready for operation within only a few hours.
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  • Dec 11, 2014

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    3D Measurement
    In order to provide our customers with OEM quality and high levels of reliability and safety, MAN PrimeServ has access to various 3D measurement procedures in specially equipped workshops.
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  • Dec 11, 2014

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    Storage & Logistics Center
    To provide the best possible support for plant operators who need a storage facility for their spare parts, MAN PrimeServ has established the Storage & Logistics Center.
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