Understanding ourselves as a solution provider, we at MAN PrimeServ provide reliable support and outstanding technical expertise to ensure operational availability of industrial compressors and turbines - irrespective of their type and age. Our 3rd party service solutions include spare parts, maintenance and repairs, field service support, and individual consulting. Holistic retrofit and modernization solutions keep your equipment up-to-date and at optimal levels of reliability and economic efficiency reducing total costs of ownership and extending its service life. Based on our experience as manufacturer of compressors, steam turbines, and gas turbines we develop the best solution for your equipment always using the same standards and providing the same quality as for our OEM business, numerous reference project with equipment of all major OEMs furnishing evidence of our competence:

  • Nov 03, 2017

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    3rd Party Solutions
    MAN PrimeServ offers reliable support and outstanding technical expertise to keep your turbomachinery up-to-date and optimal levels of reliability and economic efficiency - irrespective of its type and age.
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  • Oct 16, 2017

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    Total Competence
    A steel producer has carried out a comprehensive modernization project for a blast furnace plant including the rebuilding and refurbishment of two steam-turbine-driven air blowers. The requirement was an increase in production capacity together with a reduction in power thanks to increased efficiency.
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  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Enhanced Process Efficiency
    With increasing operational problems and the declining reliability of a 30-year-old expander, for which the OEM was no longer in a position to offer the necessary technical support, the customer decided to have the work carried out by a qualified third party. Following a competitive bid procedure, MAN PrimeServ was entrusted with this demanding assignment.
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