Our Technical Service is providing technical assistance for our customers' operating and maintenance personnel. No matter if is a request for advice on instructions or working procedures, assistance in planned and unplanned maintenance, optimization of operations or handling warranty matters.

Special skilled engineers for the respective engine types, who in addition are familiar with the applications in marine propulsion, are dedicated to render "a helping hand" for customers' personnel. Furthermore, Technical Service is the home base for our field service engineers and superintendents worldwide.

GenSets - Technical Service Solutions

  • GenSets Technical Service

    Technical Support & Repair

    MAN PrimeServ offers technical support and rapid troubleshooting on a daily basis for Four-Stroke Medium Speed GenSets. The Technical Support team is here to assist you in any given situation regardless of the engine series in question and the actual engine builder.

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    On board Overhauls

    MAN PrimeServ offers on board overhauls of your GenSets. The overhauls are carried out by skilled Superintendent Engineers securing safe and optimal operation of your GenSets. After each overhaul, you will receive a detailed service report.

  • Recon Exchange

    Reconditioning and Exchange

    At MAN PrimeServ Holeby’s Reconditioning & Exchange Service, we offer a wide range of functions, fixed prices and reliable delivery times. You will find many advantages by using this service – you will save up to 35-50% of the actual sales price, and each customer relation will be evaluated and negotiated on a case-to-case basis.

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    Skilled Superintendent Engineers

    Whether installing or commissioning, delivering planned maintenance programs or providing routine servicing and maintenance, our highly skilled and experienced superintendent engineers will help maintain your GenSets’ performance at optimum levels.

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    Service Agreements

    For added assurance and easier budgeting, our planned servicing can be covered by a Repair & Maintenance contract, tailored to your specific requirements. Contracts provide significant additional benefits in terms of flexibility, allowing you to plan your operational activities more effectively as well as eliminating delays waiting for parts or superintendent engineers to arrive.