MAN Energy Solutions' retrofit concept consists of a broad range of solutions where its PrimeServ after-sales division applies the latest developments within diesel technology to engines in service, in the process bringing them up to current standards.


  • PLC Electrical Retrofit_thumb-220X165

    PLC Upgrade ABB & Allen-Bradley

    Upgrade your GenSet safety system. The PLC series ABB CS31 and ABB AC1131 have been used as standard modules for the safety systems for GenSets L16/24, L21/31, L23/30H, L27/38, L28/32H and L32/40 for many years. Kindly be informed that these two PLC series are no longer produced or available from stock.


  • New type of control-220X165

    New Control Box

    As a result of continuous engine development and availability of new electronic technology, MAN PrimeServ Holeby offers to upgrade the existing GenSet relay box to a new type of control box.


  • Electronic Speed Governor

    Electronic Speed Governor

    The Electronic Speed Governor  “controls” the accelerator / engine depending on the condition of sea, meaning it automatically changes the fuel admission to maintain the desired speed or load.

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  • Online Service

    Online Service

    We offer rapid troubleshooting, fault correction and efficient maintenance. Make use of our Online Service facility via ‘remote access’ and telephone.

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