Further improve efficiency with MAN Energy Solutions' Efficiency Improving Devices

In connection with retrofit and upgrade solutions, the propeller and propulsion efficiency can be further improved by means of selected Efficiency Improving Devices. We focus on Kappel Propeller Blades, Rudder Bulbs and AHT Nozzles (Alpha High Thrust) to increase the efficiency, and customize the most efficient improving solution for your specific vessel and its operational profile. Every improvement in efficiency translates directly into a corresponding reduction in fuel consumption, emissions and operational cost.

Combine Efficiency Improving Devices and maximize savings

One of the most efficient ways to optimise your vessel is through the use of Kappel propellers in combination with a rudder bulb. Whether your engine is driven by liquid or gaseous fuels, this increases the efficiency of your vessel up to 10%. The table below has been created in order to provide you with an overview of the many efficiency improving possibilities, which you as a MAN PrimeServ customer have. Here you can see the percentage reduction in fuel consumption, which is expected with each of our solutions. Below it you can see a table, which illustrates the various possibilities of combining these solutions, and thereby further reduce your vessels' fuel costs and emissions.

Efficiency Improving Devices
EID combination table