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Fuel Savings and Performance optimization with a Propeller Upgrade

The propeller and aft ship are attractive areas for retrofit and upgrade investments - with very short payback time, which will clearly optimise your operational economy. Based on state-of-the-art CFD analysis, design and optimisation tools MAN PrimeServ offers a wide range of fuel-saving solutions covering FPP’s, CPP’s and Efficiency Improving Devices. Optimised blade designs, our unique Kappel propeller, rudder bulbs and AHT nozzles are just some of our most beneficial offerings. Consider exchange deals: Retrofit or replacement should not only be considered in case of changes in ship’s operational profile, older design or propeller damage.  

We can upgrade propellers of any make.


Propeller Upgrade Solutions

  • fpp-image_220X165

    FPP (Fixed Pitch Propeller)

    With our FPP upgrade the overall target is to efficiently cover any propulsion power requirement in the 4-40 MW range. With a FPP upgrade you get up to 10 % fuel savings, increased efficiency, reduced emission levels, reduced risk of cavitations and a short payback time. Our FPP propeller upgrade even meets slow steaming requirements.

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    CPP (Controllable Pitch Propeller)

    A CPP Propeller Upgrade can give you fuel savings up to 14%. An upgraded MAN Alpha Controllable Pitch Propeller will provide you with increased propeller efficiency and reduced emission levels. It also assists with lowering cavitation and vibrations and improves maneuverability. 

  • Propeller-Nozzle_retrofit

    Propeller Nozzle

    For your propeller upgrade we also offer customized propeller nozzles.  With a propeller upgrade with a nozzle you can get propulsion efficiency improvements up to 16 %. We also ensure optimal pitch setting in all modes of operation and sea/weather conditions and the solution provides you with low noise and vibrations. 

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    Rudder Bulb and Fairing Cone

    The rudder bulb system is an ESD recovering the loss in the slipstream behind the propeller hub. The bulb integrated on the leading edge of the rudder along the propeller shaft axis is originally called Costa bulb. When the Costa bulb is designed together with the propeller hub to be streamlined, it is often called the rudder bulb. With this you get up to 3 – 5 % fuel savings, increased efficiency, reduced emission levels, lower maintenance costs and it is a simple and quick installation.
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    Kappel propeller design (CPP and FPP)

    Get a customixed Kappel shaped propeller upgrade.  It  increases propulsion efficiency improvements of 4–7%, compared to non Kappel designs, reduces emission levels and noise. The Kappel propeller minimizes the flow over the tip, and the outer region of the Kappel propeller therefore retains a high efficiency increasing the total efficiency of the Kappel propeller compared to conventional propellers. The design can be applied to both CP and FP propellers.

  • vfd_220X165

    VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

    The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) enables ship owners who want to slow steam with a shaft generator engaged to the main switch board but still maintain the proper voltage and frequency. The VFD is a 4 quadrant state of the art full scale frequency converter that makes it possible to reduce the rpm on the main engine/s but still have the shaft generator connected to the main switch board and still maintain 50 or 60 Hz and a voltage level of  400 to 440 V respectively. The fuel save potential depending on service profile is 5-15%. With a VFD you can improve your power quality on board while saving fuel.