MAN PrimeServ Online Service

Keeping watch over your engine and turbocharger

PrimeServ Online Service is MAN Energy Solutions' service for monitoring your engine and turbocharger automatically and continuously, both at sea and in on-shore installations such as power plants.

By constantly keeping watch of your engine’s and turbocharger's vital characteristics, we are able to predict incidents and help you take corrective actions.

Real-time advice, at sea or on land

We can perform continuous monitoring and evaluation of both engines and turbocharges. We can also optimize any inefficient operation modes in sufficient time.

Our proven Online Service products can help you increase profits while maintaining the high level of reliability and availability of your investment.

Online monitoring as standard

Since 2000, all MAN Energy Solutions engines have been delivered with integrated data interfaces, which can be upgraded to complete local systems for engine monitoring (CoCoS EDS).

If online access is facilitated via this data interface, all of the engine and turbocharger operating data and additional information can be made available to our PrimeServ specialist for analysis.

Secure connection worldwide

PrimeServ Online Service transmits key engine data from any place in the world via secure data connections. PrimeServ experts analyze the data and provide valuable recommendations for maintenance/repairs of the engine or turbocharger. They can also provide the operator with remote support by accessing real-time engine data.