Recently, MAN Energy Solutions introduced the possibility of measuring all installed liners by the use of online laser-based equipment, a so-called VAK. This system does not require lifting of cylinder covers or exhaust valves, but only the removal of one cylinder cover mounted fuel oil valve. Furthermore, we have developed a video device, which among other things enables the following remote inspections:

  • General liner wall condition in full length
  • Cylinder cover and fuel valve nozzle condition
  • Exhaust valve underside
  • Internal water leaks

The advantage of this inspection is that it provides a clear, fast and reliable overall picture of the condition of the entire combustion space and the components. With the system, it is among other things possible to observe:

  • Cold corrosion in places/positions of the liner, which are normally not visible
  • Any presence of significant wear ridges in top of the liner
  • Signs of clover leaf
  • Significant or premature signs of blowby caused by elevated liner ovality
  • Signs of black spots
  • Signs of scuffing

The cylinder cover:

  • Elevated or significant burning in way of fuel valve bores
  • Water leakages
  • The condition of the installed fuel oil valves or leakages in same
  • The condition of the underside of the installed exhaust valve

Due to size limitations, the above inspections are only possible for 50 bore and upward. In short, any MC/MC-C or ME-C/ME-B engine from 50-98 cm bores can be inspected.

With this system, the attending superintendent engineer will have a live feed of any recording by remote access during the entire inspection. In this way, he will be able to focus specifically on areas of interest during the entire inspection.

Video Monitoring of Combustion Champer