An Approved Method is restricted to large marine engines having a cylinder volume at or above 90 L/cyl. with a total engine power of more than 5 MW, and keel laying between 1 Jan. 1990 and 31 Dec. 1999, but only when the main manufacturer has released a retrofit kit (an Approved Method) satisfying certain criteria and, importantly, complying with the Tier I NOx limit. 

The first engine type to receive an Approved Method was the S70MC in Oct 2010. Later followed the S60MC and the S50MC and recently the L50MC has been added. Further engine types are considered, but not yet decided. 

MAN Energy Solutions has introduced this web-based tool to guide owners in order to stay in compliance with the IMO Regulation. The tool provides guidance on how to handle individual specific engines. 

 This home page informs on: 

  • - MAN B&W engine Approved Methods notified to IMO. (The Approved Methods are introduced gradually for different engine types.)
  • - Criteria to define, if a specific engine in question is included. The procedure for verifying Approved Method applicability is explained in detail on the home page. 
  • - The Ship Owners obligations and whom to contact, if necessary.

It is the ship owner’s obligation when a vessel renewal survey is coming up, to verify whether an Approved Method has been released for his specific engine. 

If an Approved Method is available, the ship owner shall introduce the Approved Method on board at the renewal survey.  If no Approved Method is available, the engine is in compliance, but the Class needs to amend the new IAPP that no Approved Method exists. 

To select the Approved Method please use the application below.