Hydraulic Service Solutions

High-Pressure Pump Overhaul

When a ship has a worn-out HPS pump, MAN PrimeServ now offers a solution in which the HPS pump(s) can be overhauled as an alternative to buying a new one. Basically, the programme means that the old HPS pump is overhauled by our specialists and is returned in its original design and quality but at a lower cost. MAN PrimeServ is the only supplier across makers and offers this solution with the same warranty as a new pump. Most vessels have a set of spare pumps onboard. These spare pumps are used in an internal exchange programme between sister vessels or similar. This way owners and operators will always get their own pumps back, and be able to follow the history of the pumps by the technical test reports received from MAN PrimeServ when a pump is overhauled.

Do you also have outdated HS3 proportional valves installed on your vessels?

We assist you in finding the right solution according to your needs! MAN PrimeServ offers three different solutions in regards to your HPS pumps and overhaul of your HS3 or HS4 valves. We support you in finding the right solution according to your needs, and guide you through the three different options.

  1. Maintain operation on HS3 valves
  2. Upgrade HS3 valve --> HS4 valve + overhaul service on existing HS3 pump
  3. Upgrade HS3 valves and pumps --> HS4 valves + New HS4 pumps