Benefiting retrofit solutions from MAN PrimeServ

Out of the total operational costs of a ship, fuel costs account for by far the highest proportion. In view of the global economic situation and the rising oil prices, shipowners and charterers are looking for solutions to cut costs by reducing fuel consumption. Low-load operation, also well known as “slow steaming”, represents the currently most effective and popular measure to cut fuel costs and in consequence the total operational costs for an increased competitiveness in the market.

These requests represent a challenge to the engine builders, because main engines of large vessels will have to be operated at very low rates of their nominal power – in certain cases only at approx. 10% MCR. MAN PrimeServ offers a range of retrofit solutions for efficient low-load operation of 4-stroke and 2-stroke main engines as well as long term or temporary measures.

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Solutions for Slow Steaming

  • Turbocharger Cut-Out

    Turbocharger Cut-Out

    Reducing speed is the most effective measure to reduce fuel costs. However, at low-load the turbochargers are operating below their optimal range. This has an adverse effect on their running performance, which limits the potential fuel oil savings. On engines with two or more turbochargers, this can be overcome by installing a Turbocharger Cut-Out.


  • Slide Fuel Valve

    Slide Fuel Valves

    The Slide fuel valve is the latest design and is a must-have for slow-steaming operation.


  • Alpha Lubricator

    Alpha Lubricator upgrades

    Alpha Lubricator featuring Adaptive Cylinder-Oil Control (ACC) eliminates over-lubrication through precise control of the cylinder lubricating oil feed rate according to the actual engine power output. This enables immediate and substantial savings on expensive lubricating oil.


  • DeRating


    Vessels designed before 2008 where designed for high service speeds. Many of these vessels are now becoming increasingly uneconomical in today’s slow steaming market. De-rating offers the possibility of changing the specified maximum continuous rating (SMCR) to match the requirements of vessels expected to remain slow steaming. De-rating is the procedure of changing the rating (power and speed) of an engine.


  • ecocam_highres

    MAN EcoCam

    MAN EcoCam is a hydraulically regulated variable exhaust timing solution enabling a variable cam profile without any mechanical modification of the camshaft.


  • kappel-cpp_prop_upgrade_large

    Propeller Upgrade

    Propeller and aft ship are very attractive areas when focusing on slow steaming, fuel costs and emissions. We have provided several ship owners with fuel savings of over 10% just by installing our newest technologies within propeller and aft ship.