MAN Energy Solutions' retrofit concept consists of a broad range of solutions where its PrimeServ after-sales division applies the latest developments within diesel technology to engines in service, in the process bringing them up to current standards and meeting modern emission levels and lowering running costs. The concept applies to all MAN Energy Solutions engines (both marine and stationary), propellers and turbochargers. It can even be applied to engines from other manufacturers and has multiple benefits for engines, vessels and shipowners alike: 

  • Improved engine performance
  • Engines in service updated to modern standards
  • Longer time between overhauls

Retrofit & Modernization Program

  • Emissions

    Emission Control & Efficiency Improvement

    MAN Diesel & Turbo regularly introduces design innovations in the field of emissions reduction and efficiency improvement, meeting modern emission standards. Emissions of older 2- and 4-stroke engine generations can be reduced and to some extend made compliant to new rules through a variety of retrofit techniques.

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  • fuel conversion

    Fuel Conversion

    As the price and availability of fuel varies, it can become more economical to change the fuel that powers your prime mover, or at least to have the option of switching between fuel types. Fuel conversion is a large undertaking but one in which MAN PrimeServ has long experience.

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  • monitoring

    Monitoring & Controlling

    Diesel technology becomes more advanced with every year but MAN Diesel & Turbo engines can be upgraded to reap the benefit of the new technology. This includes advances in monitoring and controlling systems that improve safety and optimise your engines performance.

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  • fuel

    Fuel- & Lube oil savings

    The consumption of fuel- and lubricating-oil is one of the biggest expenses in modern shipping. PrimeServ can minimise your engines’ oil use and maximise the return on your investment through the retrofitting of cutting-edge technology designed to make your vessel even more efficient. This includes such retrofits as the Alpha Lubricator, turbocharger retrofit and tailor-made slow steaming on request.

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