MAN PrimeServ offers a wide range of service and spare parts agreements for the electric power generation, marine and offshore business sectors. Whether it is as simple as supplying spare parts and supervision for major overhauls or as comprehensive as managing complete power stations, there is something in our portfolio for every type of customer or application need.

As equipment continues to get more sophisticated and competition increases, success is driven by superior efficiency and reliability. It comes from knowing your business and paying attention to detail. At PrimeServ, our business is operating, maintaining and managing marine diesel engines, gensets and complete power stations.

Mutual Partnership

Staying ahead of the competition is a full time job. The service solutions in our portfolio are flexible and tailored to fit individual needs and allow you to estimate your maintenance costs in advance with complete peace of mind. In this exclusive service partnership, you and MAN PrimeServ mutually agree on the scope of the services employed, and in addition to this the sharing of responsibilities and risks, the desired response times and the duration of the contract.

Partnering with MAN PrimeServ allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that you can depend on our team of professionals to deliver superior performance.

Service Agreement Types

  • PS_OM

    PrimeServ O&M

    PrimeServ O&M has a wide portfolio of Service Agreements tailored tp the marine, power and oil & gas sectors.


  • Onlineservice

    Online Service

    PrimeServ Online Service is MAN Diesel &  Turbo´s service for monitoring your engine automatically and continuously, both at sea and in on-shore installations such as power plants.