As the availability of natural gas increases worldwide, gas powered engines are becoming more and more attractive for power generation in land-based and marine applications. Operators are looking for solutions that make use of gas in their existing diesel engines wherever possible.

Dual-fuel engines provide the ability to run on either gas or liquid fuels. Retrofit solutions for upgrading existing diesel engines to dual-fuel capability are a suitable way to benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of gas operation. MAN Diesel & Turbo provides dual-fuel retrofit solutions based on the latest state of-the-art technology, enabling engine operation with higher efficiency and lower emissions in combination with a lifetime extension.

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V+L28/32A+H, 32/40 to 32/40G, 48/60 to 51/60DF or 51/60G, PC2.5, PC4, PC4.2, PC4.2B

DF Conversion: Pioneering Project "MV Wes Amelie"

Dual-fuel conversion WesselsThe project involved the retrofitting of the 1,036-teu feeder container ship’s MAN 8L48/60B main engine to a multi-fuel, four-stroke MAN 51/60DF unit that enables dual-fuel operation – the first such conversion of its type the world has ever seen. The container vessel ‘Wes Amelie’ operates in the highly regulated Nordic and Baltic Seas. Since they are both within Emission Control Areas, the ship needs to meet the highest environmental standards and strictest limits for emissions. By converting to a low emission fuel, MAN PrimeServ and the operator have safeguarded the future of this container ship as well as its competitiveness in the market.

This pioneering project marks a milestone in the European container feeder market, and MAN has proven that existing engines can be converted to LNG operation with a tremendous effect on exhaust emissions and the environment. In doing so, we at MAN trust that the dramatic reduction in emissions will mark the beginning of a trend towards the adoption of LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel within the maritime sector. By providing customers with the technology to retrofit their existing fleet, we are driving what we call the maritime energy transition.

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Uwe Lauber, CEO at MAN Diesel & Turbo, states his opinion on the pioneering project:



Maritime Energy Transition

Wayne Jones promises discountWayne Jones, OBE, Chief Sales Officer of MAN Diesel & Turbo, makes pledge at International Ocean Conference:
“We clearly recognise that our interests are best served by ensuring that the world’s oceans remain in robust, good health. MAN Diesel & Turbo believes that it is time for what we call a ‘Maritime Energy Transition’ to find clean solutions for seaborne trade and transportation. Just recently, my company set a new benchmark with the world’s first conversion of a container ship from conventional fuel to gas operation. In order to encourage more ship owners to follow this example, MAN Diesel & Turbo is pledging a 2 million Euro discount for 10 such LNG-retrofits to convert existing HFO engines into modern, clean, efficient gas-engines. In doing so, we hope to play our part in moving the world’s fleet towards the clean technology our industry and our oceans deserve.”

Discover your options of converting your engines to dual-fuel operation and make sure of being a part of this energy transition. What's more: profit from our discount.

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