Customized solutions to meet every challenge

Processing and power industries vary greatly and have many different machining needs, but all share the need for continuous operations. Whatever ma­chining requirements your industry has, we have the tools and technical know-how to restore smooth operations.  

Irrespective of the size of your machinery compo­nent, our talented recovery engineers are on-hand to help. We are often confronted with the largest and heaviest components and with many different and intricate challenges. Problem-solving is our speciality, so we can tailor-make tools to recover your operations. Developing these specialised tools is another part of our service. Our in-house design team creates and develops new tools to ensure that even the most complex breakdowns can be repaired.  

As in-situ repairs are vital to restoring your opera­tions, our skilled recovery engineers are always on hand, 365 days a year, to solve your problems and help you reduce the revenue loss that occurs with downtime.

On-site Recovery Solutions for Industry:

  • journal_recovery

    Crankpin, Main-journal and Shaft Recovery

    On-site recovery of crankpins and main bearing journals, shafts, milling of frames and foundations many other versatile industrial applications. 

  • cast_iron_recovery

    Cast Iron Recovery

    Also known as metal stitching of cast iron is a well approved recovery method used since 1938. This method has saved a lot of machine casings, pumps, presses and gearbox casings from scrapping.

  • flange_recovery

    Flange Recovery

    We can provide flange facing up to 7.000 mm on various industry applications.

  • bearing_pocket_recovery

    Casing & Bearing Line Recovery

    Line boring of engine frames, turbine casings, gearboxes, pump casings etc.

  • stud_thread_recovery

    Stud & Thread Recovery

    Thread Recovery and removal of broken studs and stay bolts. Customised solutions for all sizes.

  • measurement_alignment_recovery

    Alignment Recovery

    Laser alignment guarantees location, orientation and size measurement during all phases of machining operations, such as main bearing pockets, bedplates and support foundations in general.

  • custom_recovery

    Customised Recovery

    MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery’s engineers encounter different situations all the time, requiring ingenious customised solutions.