Many of the complexities associated with the marine segment come from the fact that vessels can need recovery help almost anywhere in the world. But with On-site Recovery, nothing is impossible – and we are always ready to rapidly respond to your request and send a recovery engineer to your vessel’s location.  

As part of MAN Energy Solutions, our experienced recovery engineers have an in-depth knowledge of engines – and not only those from our own range but also engines produced by other manufacturers. Our in-house design team creates and develops new tools specifically for our customers’ needs when a specialised solution is required. Irrespective of engine size, we have a full range of recovery solutions to suit every engine type.

Challenge us with a problem, and we will come up with an effective solution. No matter where your breakdown takes place, we will respond rapidly to get you back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that downtime results in revenue loss, so our recovery engineers are always on stand-by to travel to your location at short notice and ensure your vessel keeps sailing. 

On-site Recovery Solutions for Marine:

  • journal_recovery

    Crankpin & Main-journal Recovery

    On-site Recovery of crank shaft, wind & steam turbines, generators, and versatile industrial applications. Journal sizes Ø 50-1100 mm, +/- 0.05 mm

  • cast_iron_recovery

    Cast Iron Recovery

    Metal stitching – also known as metalocking - of cast iron is a well approved method used since 1938. This method has saved a lot of machine casings, pumps, presses and engines frames from scrapping.

  • flange_recovery

    Flange Recovery

    We can provide flange facing up to 7.000 mm on various applications.

  • bearing_pocket_recovery

    Bearing Pocket Recovery

    Line boring of engine frames, turbine casings, gearboxes, pump casings etc.

  • stud_thread_recovery

    Stud & Thread Recovery

    Thread Recovery and removal of broken studs and stay bolts. Customized solutions for all sizes.

  • measurement_alignment_recovery

    Measurement & Alignment

    Laser alignment guarantees location, orientation and size measurement during all phases of machining operations, such as main bearing pockets, bedplates and support foundations in general.

  • custom_recovery

    Custom Recovery

    MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery’s engineers encounter different situations all the time, requiring ingenious customized solutions.