Metalocking of cast iron has been a recognized method since 1938 and has saved multiple machine frames, pumps, presses and engines from scrapping. The key characteristic of the metalock process is that it involves no heat strain in its application.

cast-iron-recovery-step-1 Step 1:

Using a drill jig, rows of blind holes are drilled perpendicular to the direction of the crack, each row to act as a key.  

 cast-iron-recovery-step-2 Step 2:

The intermediate partitions are removed with pneumatic chisel. 

 cast-iron-recovery-step-3 Step 3:

Metalock keys are driven into the openings and caulked.

 cast-iron-recovery-step-4 Step 4:

Holes for Metalock screws are drilled along the crack  between the keys.

 cast-iron-recovery-step-5 Step 5:

The screws are fitted so closely together that they overlap.

 cast-iron-recovery-step-6 Step 6:

Finally, the entire installation is caulked to ensure stability and pressure. 

 metalockning-3 metalockning-6
 metalockning-5 metalockning-2 

Metal-stitching process of damaged engine frame. This type of repair is a life lasting repair.