We have made an on-site CNC- machining of flywheel on 2-stroke diesel engine, to reduce vibrations from the flywheel.  7 ton of material was removed in 16 days.





Milling of Foundations

Milling of flanges with diameter 35.000mm


On-site Recovery by milling of two flanges with diameter 22.000mm and 35.000mm in two levels, 185mm between and with a max. level tolerance 1,50mm total round. The machining is finish and there is a level tolerance better than 1,25mm total round.  

The total time for laser-alignment and machining by milling was 15 days and nights

Other, Industrial In-situ Applications

MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery’s service engineers encounter different situations all the time, requiring ingenious customized solutions.

Our range of services includes in-situ machining for:

  • Crankpin journals (125-1100 mm diameter),
  • Main bearing journals,
  • Propeller shafts (125-1100 mm),
  • Boring for fitted bolts (65-200 mm diameter),
  • Foundation and key ways milling,
  • Sealing surfaces and line boring of turbine casings,
  • Grinding of turbine shafts,
  • and much, much more.