Innovating and evolving to meet your needs

In recent times, there has been new focus on up-tower repairs in the growing wind energy sector, and the link between cost savings and reducing downtime is more evident now than ever before. Whether you need an on-site shaft repair, accu­rate line-boring or a customised repair solution, we travel to you to recover your wind turbine and minimise your downtime.  

Years of experience coupled with a comprehen­sive range of tools ensure that we can offer ex­ceptional service to the wind energy sector. No matter what kind of repair is needed, or whether it is required onshore or offshore, we have spe­cialised tools to solve your problem.  

The growing importance of wind energy means that the industry is constantly innovating. We understand that you need us to be equally inno­vative in finding newer and better ways to make up-tower repairs. In this case, we look to you and your expertise and work closely together to de­velop the best and most rapid recovery processes possible.  

Not all wind turbines are the same, and so the repairs also differ significantly. As a company that thrives most when challenged, we are proud to evolve with the exciting technology in your sector.

On-site Recovery Services for Wind:

  • journal_recovery

    Generator Shaft Recovery

    On-site machining of wind turbine generator shafts.

  • cast_iron_recovery

    Cast Iron Recovery

    Metal stitching – also known as metalocking - of cast iron is a well approved method used since 1938. This method has saved a lot of machine casings, pumps, presses and gearbox casings from scrapping.

  • flange-facing

    Flange Recovery

    Flange facing up to 7.000 mm on various applications.

  • yaw_ring

    Yaw Ring Recovery

    MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery has developed a special grinding tool for this kind of up-tower repair.

  • stud_thread_recovery

    Stud & Thread Recovery

    Thread Recovery and removal of broken studs and stay bolts. Customised solutions for all sizes.

  • custom_recovery

    Custom Recovery

    MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery’s engineers encounter different situations all the time, requiring ingenious customised solutions.