Different solutions for your needs

At MAN PrimeServ, we understand that different customer types need different solutions, tailored to their individual requirements. Furthermore, our customers value a one-stop full service contact. And we simply offer comprehensive solutions.

Being a full service provider has been our drive for more than 100 years. Our long lasting experience leads us to develop new creative products, which is more than delivering best in class spare parts, upgrade solutions, and technical assistance. Our product brands are an additional benefit for customers in a row of famous services.

Concentrating on special customer types, offering customized service contracts, and providing a product which helps you cleaning your machine? We are your one-stop contact, we design service!

Our product brands can be clustered in three different categories:

Products & Solutions

  • Consumables

    Consumables: One-point contact

    Our consumables are products designed by your OEM to improve your machinery's performance; whether it’s about cleaning your product or preventing it from corrosion. Contact us.


  • PS Service

    Services: Customized service approach

    Our customers differentiate in their needs and their complexity – we accommodate our services, products and ourselves to you.


  • Upgrade

    Upgrades: Modernize your product

    Saving fuel while performing more efficiently, resulting in a green image? Discover our unbeatable ways to upgrade your current product!