MAN C 0186

The cleaning agent, MAN C 0186 is designed to be used in dip tanks, with or without ultrasonic cleaning. In addition to in-situ cleaning of charge air coolers, you can use MAN C 0186 to clean other engine parts. For example, with PrimeServ ultrasonic equipment, you can remove heavy fuel oil, carbon deposits and more from exhaust valves, cylinder heads or turbo charger rotors. This product is even more effective when heated. In regard to in-situ cleaning of charge air coolers, you can easily reach temperatures of 60° C to 70° C using the engine preheating system.

MAN C 0249

MAN C 0249, the turbocharger compressor wheel cleaning agent from MAN Energy Solutions, efficiently removes contamination without damaging sensitive components.

This cleaning agent gets rid of grease and oil sediments, gummy deposits, soot and other kinds of contamination from sensitive materials, such as aluminium alloys. MAN C 0249 also contains corrosion inhibitors which help to protect the cleaned surface against corrosion. As a result, you can get maximum performance from your turbocharger.

The detergent is a low foaming, biodegradable, neutral liquid, which can be used on all MAN Energy Solutions turbocharger compressor wheels. It is suitable for manual external cleaning, wet cleaning devices for turbocharger compressors and cleaning systems such as spray washing machines.