The latest addition in our range of lubricants, PrimeServGrease, combines many effective benefits for it´s users. As a lubricant or a high temperature screw paste this high performance grease operates in a wide range from -20 ºC to 1200ºC, prevents faults and substitutes some well-known products.

One for all

The focus of our customers is besides safety-at-work and environmental protection, a safe and reliable operation of their equipment. To prevent potential errors on turbochargers, PrimeServ introduced PrimeServGrease, a screw lubrication paste. One huge benefit is the paste’s constitution: it can substitute up to 5 used greases. This does not only lead to less confusion during operation (up to 5 different greases in working-cards), but results in cost savings therefrom.

PrimeServGrease is characterized by its wide field of applications. It can be used as lubricant or screw paste that operates in a wide temperature range of -20 to +1200 °C without losing the main attributes such as adhesive power, pressure resistance and corrosions protection.

This lubricant is delivered in 100g tubes, ready-to-use. It’s also an integrated part of an overhaul kit for major turbocharger maintenance.